Distica's purchasing division oversees purchasing, import, inventory management, customs clearance and other services.

Distica receives approximately 400 orders each month. The purchasing division handles the influx of pharmaceuticals and other products, from manufacturers to Distica's warehouses.

Distica oversees external and internal communications and services for over 300 suppliers and their clients.

Inventory management / logistics

Operational products often account for a lion's share of a company's expenditure and so it is important that these purchases are efficient and well organized. In this regard, Distica offers consultation regarding inventory management, the aim being to lower capital commitment and to ensure that inventory costs correspond to sales plans. Distica relies on the AGR Dynamics business management software, in addition to the experience of the purchasing division's employees.


Distica manages communications between transportation parties, both in terms of import or export. By determining the best route for import, Distica aims to keep transportation costs at a minimum. This link in the supply chain is important, where the consolidation of shipments may often lead to lower costs.

Customs Clearance

Distica offers customs-clearance services to its clients, e.g. filling out customs declarations. This entails the gathering of documents, warehouse invoices, permits, bills of lading and other documents, in addition to obtaining a release permit from the Directorate of Customs.


Distica communicates with and purchases from approximately 300 manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide. The communications extend to all areas of the supply chain, from manufacturers, warehouses and liaisons in Iceland.